Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the garden?

Membership is open to public.

How much is the cost of an individual, family or household membership?

An Annual Membership is $240.00 per individual, family or household. Payment options are available. Please contact our member coordinator on site or by calling the garden at 352-238-9091.

What if I can’t afford the entire membership fee when I join the Garden?

Our mission is to make healthy food available to everyone in our community. Auro Community Garden offers monthly payment options. A Sponsorship Program is available for members that cannot afford to pay fees. Candidates for the sponsorship program are reviewed on a case by case bases and cannot be guaranteed.

What if some members of my household do not have the same last name?

We understand the dynamics of today’s family. Regardless of last name, as long as the family member resides at the same address, then the family member can participate under the household membership.

How many hours must I work at the Garden?

Although the monthly minimum is eight hours, we hope the experience and reward of participating in the garden motivates you to work more than the minimum needed to maintain membership.

If I bring two family members to work, do we get credit for the total time we all work?

Yes. For example, if each of you work two hours you will receive credit for six hours.

What if I can’t work my eight hours a month?

You can buy out your hours at $5.00 per hour. Additional options are available. Please contact the member coordinator on site or by calling the garden at 352-238-9091.

How will I know if there is work to be done?

From planting to harvesting, there is always something to do at the garden. Just stop in and our membership coordinator will assign you with a task based on your physical abilities.

Do members have to provide any materials?

The garden supplies the land, seed, compost and other materials used to help the garden grow. We have a limited number of tools to sign out, so members should bring gardening tools and gloves.

Please dress appropriately, we recommend closed toe shoes, long sleeves, hat and gloves. Please bring your own drinking water.

Does Auro Community Garden use Facebook?

Yes, click here to visit our Facebook page.

What are the hours of the Auro Community Garden?

We are open to the public for tours every Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am- 1:00 pm, weather permitting. Updates and unexpected closures will be posted to our Facebook page.

Members only hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm and may vary by season. We are closed Sundays.

Membership meetings are every 1st Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

For private tours, groups and field trips, please contact us using our Contact Us page on the website or by phone at 352-238-9091.

We rely on Mother Nature. Garden hours may vary with the seasons and weather conditions. The garden will be closed if the temperature is below 45 degrees or above ambient (feels like) 105 degrees.

Please call the garden at 352-238-9091 for any additional questions.

Auro Community Garden

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